Tommy Chong Got My Baby Stoned

Tommy Chong Got My Baby Stoned

Friday, April 27th, 2012


A city official from a small Colorado town said on a recent episode of American Weed, which airs on the National Geographic Channel, that when it came to the war being waged against medical marijuana there was a type of person he feared more than any other. He feared the stay at home mom with time on her hands and a need to sink her teeth into an issue; especially if she could justify herself by saying she was doing it all to protect her children. Cut to an interview of what looks to be a typical American upper middle class soccer mom. She is a SUV driving yuppie housewife whose whole existence is to make sure her children are protected in every way possible (unless of course, she needs to talk on her cell phone while driving her SUV, then all bets are off). The protection reaches so far as to deem the dispensary down the street from the elementary school as unsafe and a bad influence.

The dispensary is within eye site of the school. Soccer Mom sees a world where the children suddenly see the dispensary from the playground and all innocence is lost. Immediately drawn to the siren call of medical marijuana, packs of children will hopelessly shuffle in a zombie like trance toward the soft glow of the neon green light, displaying all the will of a tragic machine. Mommy’s other babies will dance in pied piper fashion, hopeless as a modern day Hanzel and Gretel being lured and tricked by the witch that owns the dispensary made of medical marijuana laced gingerbread. Mommy’s babies then dive lungs first into a ounce of the Bubblegum Kush while the dispensary owner cackles with joy as she counts the bounty of this ill gotten gain.

The point of this is not to pander or campaign for dispensaries to be down the street from schools. The point is that if this was a CVS or a Walgreens, there would not be an issue. Is there a difference between CVS down the street from the school and a dispensary in the same location. When you get down to the heart of the matter, both dispense medicine to patients that are in need of help. Our soccer mom with a cause will NEVER see medical marijuana as medicine, she will always see Tommy Chong trying to get her babies high. Cannabis is discriminated against because it does not have the endorsement of the federal government. The stigma medical marijuana has and will have is that of an abused party drug. The stigma will hold until the federal government, by its own volition or by the will of the people, lifts the schedule 1 status it has assigned to cannabis.

Unfortunately, state’s rights do not exist in this country anymore because the federal government has gotten big enough to provide states with everything they need…protection from foreign enemies and financial assistance and aid when times are bad, like a hurricane or some other Act of God. Conversely, the federal government has gotten big enough to take everything the states have too…just as Thomas Jefferson warned the American people more than 200 years ago. A state either gets along, like a Texas or an Oklahoma, or they will be forced to go along, like a California and a Colorado. The state’s now have almost weekly federal raids on dispensaries either physically but confiscating product, legally by injunctions and indictments or financially with bankruptcy and high legal bills. These same dispensaries are legal businesses dispensing medicine to prescription patients that have been evaluated by qualified medical personnel and sanctioned by the popular vote of that state.

Medical marijuana needs a political champion, somebody that has political capital to spend in the political arena. The problem is that nobody wants to be known as “The Marijuana President”, isn’t that right Mr. Obama? (not that the guy has a whole lot of political capital at the moment) The Soccer Mom with a cause is the Robin to the politician seeking re-election’s Batman and the stigma of medical marijuana is too great to challenge. Lets face it, the middle of the road gets elected, the road to the left or right gets put out to pasture more often than not. You can scare every PTA in the country with drug talk and if one person abuses drugs then all of the drugs should be eliminated. . The #1 way to get people behind an issue is to make them afraid of it; especially if you can convince them their children are in danger. What do you think is worse for these people, the dispensary down the street or the two lesbians living together alone next door? If mommy eliminates ALL the drugs, baby can not be tricked into doing any of the drugs. The two lesbians should be nervous because maybe baby can be tricked into being like them too. We have already seen how effective the states are at protecting those rights…




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